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Govt Offices's

Punjab Police Police District Khanna

List of Govt. Offices

Sno. Description
1 S.D.M. Office, Khanna
2 Tehsildar Office, Khanna
3 Naib Tehsildar Office, Khanna
4 P.W.D. Office, Khanna
5 Water Supply Office, Khanna
6 Forest Office, Khanna
7 B.D.P.O. Office, Khanna
8 C.D.P.O. Office, Khanna
9 Fire Brigade Office, Khanna
10 B.D.P.O.  Office, Maloud
11 Market Committee Office, Maloud
12 F.C.I. Godown  Maloud
13 Wear House Godown  Maloud
14 Cooperative  Office, Maloud
15 Power Corporation Office, Maloud
16 Post Office Railway Road, Doraha
17 B.D.P.O. Office Wood Market, Doraha
18 Power Corporation Office, Doraha
19 Telephone Exchange, Doraha
20 Market Committee Office, Grain Market Doraha
21 Forest Office Rampur Road, Doraha
22 F.C.I. Godown Rampur Road, Doraha
22 Punsup Godown G.T. Road, Doraha
23 Municipal Council Office, Doraha
24 Deputy Superintendent of Police, Office, Payal
25 Tehsildar Office, Payal
26   Niab Tehsildar Office, Payal
27 Municipal Committee Office, Payal
28 Treasury Office, Payal
29 Deputy Superintendent of Police, Office, Samrala
30 S.D.M. Office, Samrala
31 Punjab State Power Corporation Office, Samrala
32 Punjab State Power Corporation Office, Ghulal
33 Punjab State Power Corporation Office, Mehdudan
34 Punjab State Power Corporation Office, Sangatpura
35 Agriculture Land Office,  Samrala
36 Municipal Committee Office, Samrala
37 B.D.P.O. Office, Samrala
38 Revenue Office, Samrala
39 Tehsildar Office, Samrala
40 P.W.D. Office, Samrala
41 Water Supply Office, Samrala
42 Forest Animal Office Neelon Bridge, Samrala
43 Forest Department Office, Samrala
45 B.D.P.O. Office, Samrala Road Machhiwara
46 Agriculture Office, Rahon Road Machhiwara
47 Punjab State Power Corporation Office, Machhiwara
48 F.C.I. Office Samrala Road, Machhiwara
49 Municipal Councillor Office, Machhiwara
50 Ware House Office Samrala Road, Machhiwara
51 Punsup Office, Samrala  Road, Machhiwara
52 Food Supply Office Samrala Road, Machiwara
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