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Good Work of Khanna Police.........

  • Case FIR No. 218, dated 05.08.17 U/S 21/22/61/85 NDPS Act, 25/54/59 Arms Act PS/Samrala, Police has also done commendable work in this case. The two Gangster Gagandeep Singh @ Gunni & Mohammad Irfan have been arrested and recovered Two Pistol 32 Bore alongwith 7 alive Cartridges.


  • Case FIR No. 245, dated 23.09.17 U/S 370(1)/365 IPC PS/City/Khanna. Police has done commendable work in this case. An abducted baby boy aged about 16 days was recovered with in short span of five hours of kidnapping and culprits have also been arrested due to best efforts of Khanna Police.


  • During the night of 12-06-2015 at 11-30 PM, a Ammonia Gas Tanker No. GJ-12AT-5251 was traveling from Gujarat to Nangal, the driver should have taken a U-turn and moved from other way meant for taller vehicles instead of this he was forcefully trying to pass underneath the flyover bridge at Doraha. Instead of taking a U-turn, he continued to push through, breaking the tanker nozzle in the process. Suddenly Ammonia Gas started leaking. The locals came out of their houses even as the gas from the leaking tanker spread in and around Doraha. Due to leakage of Ammonia Gas five persons were killed and 192 persons were fallen in trauma. Sh. Gurpreet Singh Gill, IPS, Senior Superintendent of Police, Khanna, Sh. Harjinder Singh, PPS, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sub-Division Khanna, Head Constable Dharminder Singh No.699/Khanna and Constable Rupinder Singh No.356/Khanna were first to reach the spot and made all necessary arrangement for saving the life of affected persons. Many injured males, females and children were admitted in hospitals. They were also nearly got unconscious while leading the rescue operations. Carrying almost 2,200 tons of ammonia gas, the tanker was moved from the flyover to a vacant plot at around 6 am outside Doraha after the leakage was controlled. All the members of the rescue team have done commendable work without caring for their personal safety and showed exemplary courage, leadership and bravery. For this act of bravery, Sh. Gurpreet Singh Gill, IPS and Sh. Harjinder Singh Gill were honored by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Punjab on State level function on Independence Day-2015 at SAS Nagar Mohali and were conferred on Parman Patra.

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